Please understand due to available space and  photography equipment, parents are not allowed into the photography areas.  Parents are also not allowed to take their own photos in the photography areas.

Here are our frequently asked questions:

What is a Memory Mate?
A Memory Mate is an 8x10 image that has an individual and team photo.  

I have 2 or more children, can they be in the same Memory Mate?
No, the memory mate is for ONE person only and will be vertical.  A la carte prints will accommodate a group photo of friends and/or siblings.
So can Keychains, Buttons, Mirrors, Magnets, Mouse Pads, Ornament & Statuettes. Please ask our clerical team for an updated list of what can be used for buddy/sibling photos

The flyer shows different colors on the products, can you explain that?
Each club will have their own color theme for certain products.  Some clubs may even have 2 options. Please contact us if you are want to know what colors your club will have.  Standard prints will not have a digital color theme applied. 

My child missed the group/team photo, can my child still be in the group photo?
The simple answer is no.  The reason is due to the quick turn around time we offer to the club.  This short amount of time does not allow for us to photoshop your child into the group.

(FOR DANCE SCHOOLS:) My child is in multiple classes, is there a single product that will have each individual portrait on it?

Yes, the custom collages are perfect for this need. The collages are available in 1-10 images.  The final product is mounted on artboard for easy display.

How do I order online?

1. Go to our website: www.moveupimages.com

2. Click the large blue icon that says 'Online Ordering'

3. In the 'Find My Photos' field, enter in the code provided from your club/studio.

4. If you're on a computer, scroll down to the bottom & hover over the 'Child 1' icon until a little shopping cart icon pops up and then click on it. If you're on a cell phone or tablet, scroll down and click the shopping cart icon that is below the 'Child 1' icon.

5. A new page will pop up & you'll choose packages, prints, & products for the first child. Some items have fields below, so please fill them out and then you'll be able to add them to your cart. You add items to your cart by clicking the shopping cart icon that is next to the item.

6. If you have more than one child, you can continue your order by choosing the 'Child 2' icon and start their order.

7. When you're ready to checkout, click 'Checkout'. You'll be taken to a new page where you'll fill out your information & child's information.

8. Shipping is $10 to ship to your home, or free if you choose 'club delivery'. Club delivery means the photos will be delivered to your coach or studio and handed out at practice, lessons, game, recital, etc.

9. Payment is processed securely through PayPal and you can use your PayPal account or any major credit or debit card.

If you have any questions, please email us! hello@moveupimages.com

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